Velankanni Church | Valainkanni Madha

Shrine basilica of our lady of health

   Velankanni is a town in Nagappatinam, Tamil Nadu, India. Velankanni is known for the church, 'Shrine Basilica of our lady of Health Vailankanni'. The church has such a quite story that claims Mary and Jesus appeared in Velaikanni. The world has only three places in which Mary and Jesus appeared.


   In velankanni, Mary and Jesus appeared to a Shepherd boy, A buttermilk vendor and the Portuguese sailors. When Portuguese sailors suffered by a strom, our lady of health saved them.
velankanni festival

   Then Portuguese sailors built this Church in 16th century. Every year here we celebrate 10 days of festivals. In the days of festivals, peoples gathered here is such a huge number- More than 1 million.
velankanni tsunami attck

velankanni tsunami attck

Tsunami attack

   In the year of 2004, tsunami hit in Velankanni and got 5525 people to the hands of God. They all were gathered to celebrate the festivals. They established Memorial for those who died.


  Believe me, Those who are in the field of Church were safe and not even a single person died. You know  Why? I think the God saved them and they know they were in the safe hands. Don't think I'm  Christine. I'm a hindu. But we lives here with peace by the Mercy of God. We are the luckiest people to live in the lands of Lord!!!

  I knew a man who had a grocery shop, was dead by the tsunami, 'coz he was taking all the money from his shop while all people were scared and running on the street. His death was like villain in "Mummy". He got a chance of escaping by the God but he chose to die. You know why, He loved the money not the God.


I'm giong too deep, ain't I?

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Bus route

   There are number of buses from Nagaptinam, Thiruthuraipoondi, Trivarur, Tanjore, Trichy, Madurai, and Chennai.


    You can get that from this web page:


    The Nearest Air port is Trichy Airport.


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